I'm Kathryn


I live in Cincinnati, and I truly believe it's the little-big city. Writing was my first love, as evidenced by the shelf in my house devoted to all the journals I've kept since fifth grade. I love nothing more than baking a pie and sharing it with friends and family (people rave about my pie crust-just saying!) If there's an old movie playing in the theaters, you can bet I'm already online buying tickets. Ice cream is a staple in my freezer, and has been for as long as I can remember. I'm married to the sweetest man, Griffin, who never complains about doing the dishes, no matter how many I leave in the sink. He's also my go-to second shooter, the man that makes the numbers work, and the best mixologist I know.

My journey to becoming a professional photographer is kind of like a game of Chutes and Ladders. You can see where the game begins, but it'd be hard to retrace all the steps that got you to your current spot on the board (and if you're keeping track that closely, you're not playing the game right!) Suffice to say, photography has always been an interest of mine, but became a paid gig a few years back when the start up I began working for after college went under, and an opportunity to work for a local photographer presented itself. I took the chance, and now, what started as a way to get back on my feet has turned into my main bread and butter. I photograph mainly weddings, couples, and a few family sessions here and there. I think I might be the luckiest.

If you're still reading this, we totally need to be friends.