The Engagement Experience

A guide for all Kathryn Frugé Brides

Hello friend! At this point in the game, you are in the midst of the wedding planning process. You’ve selected a wedding date, a photographer, and most likely a venue. Yes, you still have some important decisions ahead of you (hello wedding dress shopping!) But let’s put all that aside for a moment and focus on something exciting - your engagement photos! We are going to have so much fun at your engagement session. Just like you may choose to have a trial run for your hair and makeup, an engagement session is a trial run for your wedding day photos. We’re going to get a chance to get to know eachother, and I’ll get to see how you and your fiancé work in front of the camera. When your wedding day rolls around, you can go into your portraits sessions with ease, knowing that you guys are already total pros, and you can trust that I will make you feel comfortable on one of the craziest (and most amazing) days of your life.

I have found that there are some questions many of my brides have for me leading up to their engagement photos, so I decided to put together this exclusive guide to help prepare you for your session. We can schedule your engagement session for anytime before your wedding. I typically find that 3-9 months before the wedding helps couples to avoid feeling stressed leading up to the wedding day. Since my weekends are devoted to weddings, I schedule engagement sessions for weekdays evenings, so start thinking about what day works for you two! You also need to start thinking of locations you might like to go to for your session. I love when my couples choose unique locations that are special to them. That could be a park where you had your first kiss, or the college campus where you met. Please don’t shy away from unique locations - I'd love documenting this special time in your life in a place that’s meaningful to you! 

Engagement Style


The most common question I get about taking photos is “What should I wear?” I totally get it! I can't even count the number of times I've texted my friends the question every girl knows so well, "What are you wearing?" And if your outfits are going to be documented in a photo, of course you would want to know what to wear! Here are some of my favorite tips about what to wear at your engagement session. 

  • Do not try to match. Both of you wearing the same color creates little interest. Instead, focus on wearing coordinating colors. 
  • Make sure you feel comfortable in what your wear- ing. If you are constantly tugging your skirt down, or feel like your top is a bit too low, that’s going to make you feel nervous and may translate into your photos. 
  • Accesorize! Have a fun hat you’ve been dying to wear? Bring it! A bold necklace? Scarf? Bright shoes? Love it, totally bring it to your session. 
  • Empty our pockets. For real. Cell phones and car keys are noticable! Leave the phones in the car, and I can hold onto your keys for you. 
  • Clean the ring! If we get a chance, I love to snap a few ring shots. Clean the ring so we can show off all those sparkles.
  • A lot of my couples like to have one everyday outfit, and one that’s a bit more formal. This can create a fun variety in your photos!
  • Patterns are your friend. Somewhere someone said that patterns don’t photograph well, and that’s simply not true. However, it’s best to forgo graphic tees, which do not translate well in photos.
  • Plan a date for after the session! You’re already all dressed up, so why not make an evening of it and celebrate after the session with a nice dinner? 

Approximate Start Times



June-August 6:30-8:30pm 

Summer engagements, just like all engagements, take place two hours before sunset. This will hopefully mean that the shoot will be during the cooler part of the day. 



December-March 3-5pm

During December through mid- March you can plan on your engagement session taking place around 3-5pm. However, the time changes in mid-March and so that will make the start time one hour later. 


September-November - Varies

The sunset time changes drastically during these three months. In September, you can plan on 5:30-7:30 until the third week and then you can plan on 5:00-7:00 until Mid- October. After the first week of November, 3:00-5:00pm. 


April-May - Varies

The sunset time drastically changes throughout the course of these two months and so our shooting times change as well. You can plan on approximately 5:30-7:30 in April and 6:00-8:00 in May. 


  • It is important to show up on time for your engagement session. The sun is only out for so long, so a late start time means less time for your session! 
  • I schedule my engagement sessions for weekday evenings because my weekends are dedicated to photographing weddings.
  • I love shooting at gorgeous locations. I recommend no more than two locations for engagements. A general rule of thumb is the more locations and outfits, the less images but the more variety you’ll have.
  • I can do sunrise sessions if necessary, especially if the location you desire is a busy area in the evenings. 

Can't Wait for Your Session!


I hope this engagement session guide has answered some questions for you (maybe some questions you didn’t even know you had!) I am truly so excited about your wedding day, and honored that you have chosen to trust me to capture your special memories. Your wedding day is so important, but I truly believe that your upcoming marriage is what needs to stand the test of time. I pray these photos we take at your engagement session, and at your wedding, are a beautiful reminder of the love you two share for the rest of your lives. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, and I’ll see you at your engagement shoot!